digital story

Project #6: Digital Story

I recently learned about the Personalization Principle, which promotes the use of conversational scripts as a way to present content.  I was able to practice implementing the Personalization Principle by creating a digital story.

The process I followed to create my story was creating a script, selecting media, arranging the media to follow the script, recording narration, exporting the final product, uploading the product to YouTube, and then applying captions.  The most time consuming portion of the whole project was creating the script as I initially had difficulty coming up with a story.  But, then I remembered a story I always told my students in the Introduction to Statistics section of the courses I have taught.

The story is about a friend I had growing up named Mode.  He was always there to help me, and he truly lived up to his name, given that mode is the piece of data that appears the most within a set.

You can view my digital story by clicking the video below: