A Reflection of EDTECH 522: Online Teaching for Adult Learners

Image: By Mkh2014 – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=38082090

At the completion of every semester, I take the time to reflection upon all of the work I have completed, and all that I have learned.  The course Online Teaching for Adult Learners has continued to transform my thinking regarding education, and the theories, designs, and methods surrounding the acquisition of knowledge.

From a technological standpoint, I now feel confident in my ability to create tutorials, specifically with screencasting.  I had create tutorials where I was not present within the tutorial, but I now understanding that instructor presence is crucial to the community of inquiry framework.

From a pedagogical standpoint, I now understand andragogy, especially due to the reframing of my schema of pedagogy.  Before this course, I did not know that andragogy was even a learning theory, but I was able to take what I knew about pedagogy and look at those theories through an “andragogy lens”.

I will use what I have learned about andragogy when I design new courses, assignments, and assessments.  I create a course related to cybersecurity this semester, and I used many of the best practices that andragogy theorists recommend.  The learning is self-directed, internally motivated, and allows students to use their knowledge to teach others.  I plan to advertise this course on Twitter, and will conduct surveys to understand student perception of the course.  Once the course has been evaluated, I plan to include the course in my portfolio as I look for careers in Instructional Design.

I am excited to continue to use my newfound knowledge as I continue along my lifelong learning path.  If you would like to visit my cybersecurity course, please click here: LINK (Weebly site).


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