EDTECH Graphic Assignment

For my last assignment in EDTECH 501, I was tasked with creating a graphic representation of the current definition of educational technology.  I used the book Educational Technology: A Definition with Commentary as my resource while creating this graphic.

I found it important to specify that educational technology is not the same as instructional technology.  It is more than using technology to teach.  It is putting the technology into the hands of students to allow them to create original pieces, problem solve, and to facilitate their learning.  Educational technology isn’t the old “sage on the stage” teaching style; it is facilitating learning while allowing students to dive in to a variety of technological tools that will best demonstrate their higher level thinking.

As one of the technology standard developers of my district, I found it would be perfect to add a link to a youtube video I just showed my school yesterday during a meeting.  It really reinforces the “Why?” of educational technology.

In practice, educational technology does require focus on studies, ethics, and leadership.  The educator has to be well-rounded in their own technology skills to be able to select resources for students to use.

I chose to use the website bubbl.us to create my graphic.  It was extremely user-friendly.  I know my students could use it without much of a problem.  In addition, I loved that it was so adaptable; I felt I had a lot of choice in how my graphic would look.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my EDTECH 501 class.  I learned so much about educational technology, and I know it is only the beginning.

I hope you enjoy my mindmap.  https://bubbl.us/?h=2fdf0e/60012e/31jcKOs.cjosQ&r=542008123


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