School Evaluation Summary

I recently completed a school evaluation summary.  To protect the identity of the school, I used the pseudonym “Bully Free School” or BFE.  I had to evaluate the technology within the school in many areas, including: administration, curricular, support, connectivity, and innovation.

17 pages later, I realized that BFE has some major technology issues that will take years to fix.  The district seems to be changing their mindset on technology, which is refreshing.  BFE’s most important issues are the internet contract and monopoly, and outdated technology.  Once those issues are remedied, BFE can move forward as there are staff members that understand the importance of technology in today’s educational environment.

In my future career opportunities, I hope to be able to use this survey to assist with forming concrete technology plans.  The rubric was very easy to use, and provided me with a wealth of information about BFE.

You can read my survey here.

You can read my evaluation report here.



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