Tech Trends

For the past 2 weeks, I have been working on a complex project related the SAMR model.  The SAMR model is used to determine the level at which technology changes the learning environment for students.  You can read more about the SAMR model here:

I was presented with the task of using a technology trend in my classroom while assessing it’s level of impact in relation to the SAMR model.  I chose to conduct a flipped classroom lesson, which I have discussed previously on this site.  I also chose to incorporate 3 three technology tools: Moodle, VoiceThreads, and Padlet.  Moodle was used to house the links to the VoiceThreads.  VoiceThreads were used to present all content digitally before coming to the face-to-face classroom, and Padlet was used to collaborate with other students in the assessment of the effectiveness of the flipped classroom lesson.  In addition, the face-to-face lesson was conducted using the jigsaw method.

My students were so engaged and excited throughout the entire course of the lesson.  I am convinced at the level of impact the flipped classroom method has on student education, and I believe it falls under the “modification” category.  I explain my findings and provide links to my artifacts in my Google Doc paper.  You can click this link to read about my experience:

I have learned a lot about emerging technology and other technology trends throughout this past month, and I can honestly say that I believe I can reach the “redefinition” level of the SAMR model with just a little bit more innovation.  My love for teaching has been positively influenced by experimenting with technology with my students.


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