Annotated Bibiliographies

I recently had the experience of creating an annotated bibliography using Zotero.  I found Zotero to be user-friendly, especially in the creation of references in APA format.  I am already quite familiar with APA format, but not having to type the entire reference was an amazing feature.  The only difficulty I ran in to was the fact that my various Zotero accounts (using the same username and password) did not seem to communicate between my Surface tablet, desktop, and laptop.  Luckily, I had already saved the doi references in another location, so I was able to quickly locate the articles I was going to use for my annotated bibliography.

I chose to research the flipped classroom and the student experience.  I completed my research using Google Scholar and the Albertson’s Library from Boise State.  The research methods were very user friendly, and I didn’t experience any problems when conducting research.

The research I found was very informative on how to implement a flipped classroom.  In addition, I found that most students appear to prefer the flipped classroom.  In the flipped classroom, students prepare for the face-to-face meetings to doing research, watching videos, and other learning activities before they arrive.  Once they arrive to the in-class session, they collaborate and discuss at a deeper level because they have the background knowledge necessary to do so.  Many teachers follow-up the in-class session with some form of an assessment to check student understanding.  The articles I read summarized how the flipped classroom was used, and also surveyed the students in regards to their experiences.  Overwhelming, most students really found the flipped classroom to be an effective learning style.  I was also impressed with the amount of unbiased articles available, as each article also contained sections regarding the difficulties in implementing a flipped classroom.  The difficulties provided a lot of “food for thought”, as I now know what issues to prepare for when I implement a flipped classroom.

In conclusion, I would suggest Zotero, Google Scholar, and the Albertson’s Library to any college student conducting research.  I wish I had access to these programs when I was doing my undergraduate degree.  In regards to the flipped classroom model, I am thoroughly excited to implement the flipped classroom in the future.  The possibilities are virtually endless!

If you would like to read my annotated bibliography, you can read it here: Annotated Bibliography


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