Code of Professional Ethics in Educational Technology

I recently completed a paper titled “Protecting Students from a Teacher’s Unethical Technology Decisions” where I highlighted the negative implications of teachers using student images on Snapchat and Facebook.  We live in an age where many educators use a variety of social media outlets for personal use.  The personal use of student images and names should not be permitted, in my opinion, and I feel that AECT Code of Ethics Section 1, Code 7 highlights this very problem.

I learned so much from completing this assignment, but I specifically related to the seemingly innocuous ways educators use technology without such innocuous consequences.  Student safety is of the utmost importance, and the AECT Code of Ethics are, in part, designed to protect the ones we educate.  In this day and age, we cannot become complacent with the level of security measures we enact to protect the students we teach.  The technological world is ever-changing, and as technological educators, we must continually review our standards of morality to ensure we are doing the best we can to protect our students.

All in all, I learned that ethics in education are a good thing; without them, we would be destined to be defined by the lowest-common denominator, the educator that has no moral compass.

Protecting Students from a Teacher’s Unethical Technology Decisions


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